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Editing for Australian Writers

I've been editing freelance for around twenty years, off and on. I've also spent several years at university, as a mature age student, and at TAFE, first studying visual arts, which was fun, and then writing and editing, which I realised is more my forte. Now, having created my own book covers for years, I'm designing covers for other independent authors and have quite a large collection to choose from on my blog.

I've written several books, ranging from fantasy for children to true crime for adults, with romance, science fiction and horror in between. I've also co-authored some historical romances with another Australian writer, for an American publisher. My last published book is supernatural and the previous one is historical fiction. As you can see I have some experience of my own with a variety of genres and I'm happy to discuss any genre. You can see more about my books on my author website as well as on my blog.



In spite of my own writing I have no problem finding time for editing and I can do a structural or copy edit, or both. I prefer to discuss this upfront with my clients, because not everyone has the same idea of what a structural or a copy edit is and it's important to know we're on the same wave length.


Editing for Australian Writers

  • Victoria, Australia
  •  10am to 5pm